Are you looking for a powerful website that captures attention, engages visitors, and drives business growth? Look no further! At WP Focus our expert WordPress developers have been perfecting our craft since 2005. From small businesses to large multi-national firms, our Sydney WordPress developers have developed high performing, fast loading and affordable WordPress websites for budgets of all sizes.

WordPress is not just any content management system; it is the epitome of reliability and versatility. Trusted by renowned brands like BBC America and Microsoft News, as well as countless businesses worldwide, WordPress is the go-to choice for successful online ventures.

Our Sydney WordPress Developer Team

When you choose to work with our Sydney WordPress Developers, you will be choosing a WordPress development team that ticks all the boxes.

With our affordable WordPress development prices and a dedication to delivering high quality WordPress websites on time as well as our commitment to support you and your website after it launches, our WordPress development service is perfect for businesses looking to grow their brand the right way.

With clients across Sydney, Australia and beyond that span a wide range of industries, our WordPress developers can help you plan the perfect website for your business and your budget. Our Sydney WordPress development team can also design the perfect website for your business. Our web designers will design your website so it is easy for your visitors to use and helps guide them to where they need to go – whether that’s booking your services or purchasing from your online store.

Every website built by our Sydney WordPress developers also comes with free on-site SEO worth $1500, saving you even more money. There’s no point investing in a website if it can’t be found which is why we optimise your website for Google as we develop it.

From a simple brand showcase to a complex online platform, our WordPress developers can handle it all with ease. We work quickly and efficiently without sacrificing on quality so your website is online and working for you as soon as possible.

Our WordPress Development Services

WordPress Developers Sydney

WordPress Development

WP Focus can create a custom WordPress website that is tailored to your specific requirements.

Our Sydney WordPress developers work closely with you to understand your needs and goals, and then use our expertise to develop a WordPress website that meets those requirements.

Our team can design and develop your WordPress website quickly and affordably or we can revamp your current WordPress website and make it start working for your business.

Web Design Sydney

WordPress Theme Development

If you have a design in mind for your website, our Sydney WordPress development team can create a custom WordPress theme to bring that design to life.

Whether you need to develop a custom theme for your website or would like to work with a Theme Builder plugin, we have a solution that will help you get the maximum return for your investment, regardless of the budget.

The theme that our WordPress developers create for your website will be fast loading, easy to use and built to impress.

Sydney WooCommerce Developers

WooCommerce Development

Looking to start selling online? We are expert WooCommerce Developers and have helped countless businesses sell their products online.

Our Sydney WooCommerce developers can help plan the perfect ecommerce website for your products and help you navigate the tricky early stages of connecting payment gateways and getting your shipping options in place.

Our WooCommerce Development service is the perfect solution for those who are looking for a high performing online store that converts visitors into customers.


Website Support and Maintenance

WordPress Maintenance and Support

Once your website is up and running, we can provide ongoing maintenance and support to ensure that it remains secure and up-to-date. Our team offers regular backups and security checks to give you peace of mind and we can also provide support for any issues that may arise with your website. Our WordPress websites come with full training for you and your staff so you can easily update, edit and maintain your website.

Why Choose WP Focus?

We pride ourselves on the WordPress development service we provide, the promises we keep and the WordPress websites we deliver. When you choose to work with our Sydney WordPress developers to build your WordPress website you can expect:


Experience and Expertise

WP Focus has over 18 years experience developing WordPress websites for clients across Sydney and Australia.

Put simply, our WordPress developers know WordPress inside out and our developers have built everything from simple one page websites to complex classified advertising portals.

This knowledge lets us help our clients plan and develop the perfect website for their company and their goals. Website designed and developed to convert visitors into revenue for your business.

Low Cost Web Development Sydney

Affordable Pricing

Our Sydney WordPress developers work with organisations of all sizes and all budgets and can help you get absolute most out of your planned budget for your WordPress website.

Our experience developing WordPress websites means we know the most cost effective way to develop the features and functionalities you need for your website.

Contact us today for a quote or send us details of a quote you’ve received and we can guarantee you’ll be happy with the quote you receive back.

Quick Turnaround

Quick Turnaround

At WP Focus, our team of Sydney WordPress developers can work quickly and efficiently without sacrificing on quality.

We understand that you want to launch your new website as quickly as possible and we work late nights, weekends and public holidays to make it happen.

When we start developing your website you will be able to watch us build it live on a hidden server so you can see your website come to life in real time.

Website Support and Maintenance

Ongoing Support

When we launch your WordPress website we will provide you and your team with full training on how to use it, how to maintain it and how to update it.

With training manuals, tutorial videos and face to face training you will quickly learn just how easy it is to keep your website looking and performing great.

And if you run into any problems our WordPress developers are always there to help.

Web Design Services Sydney


We heard so many nightmare stories from clients about developers who have missed important deadlines or decided to start asking for more money half way through the build.

That’s not us.

The quote we provide is the maximum amount you will pay and the deadline you need us to hit will always be met.

Your new WordPress website will also be thoroughly tested so your website will be 100% ready and functioning on launch.

On Page Optimisation

Free On-Site SEO

There’s no point investing in a new website if people can’t find you.

That’s why every WordPress website we build comes with free on-site SEO worth $1500.

We optimise everything as we develop your WordPress website and install analytics before submitting your new website and the changes made to Google so your website can start competing with your competitors in Google Search.

WordPress is a free, open-source content management system (CMS) that allows you to create and manage websites without needing to know how to code. It uses a set of templates and plugins that enable you to customize your website’s appearance and functionality. You can create pages, posts, and other content without any technical knowledge.

WordPress is a flexible and user-friendly CMS that is easy to use and offers a range of features and customization options. It is also one of the most popular CMS platforms on the market, with a large community of users and developers. This means that there are many plugins and themes available to help you build the website of your dreams.

WordPress is a free, open-source platform that can be used for free. However, you may need to pay for hosting, domain registration, and other services depending on your needs. The cost of using WordPress varies depending on your website’s complexity and the services you need.

With WordPress, you can create a wide range of websites, including blogs, business websites, e-commerce stores, portfolios, and more. There are many themes and plugins available that can help you create a unique and professional-looking website.


WordPress is a secure platform that is regularly updated to address security vulnerabilities. However, like any other CMS platform, it is not immune to security risks. You should take steps to secure your website, such as using strong passwords, keeping your software up-to-date, and using security plugins.

WordPress is highly customizable and offers a range of themes, plugins, and widgets that allow you to customize your website’s appearance and functionality. You can choose from thousands of themes and plugins that can help you create a unique and professional-looking website.

WordPress is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use, even for beginners. It offers a simple and intuitive interface that makes it easy to create and manage your website. You can create and edit pages, posts, and other content with just a few clicks.

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS platforms on the market, with a large community of users and developers. It is also highly customizable and easy to use, making it a popular choice for a wide range of websites. Compared to other CMS platforms, WordPress offers a larger selection of themes and plugins and has a more active community.

To get started with WordPress, you will need to choose a hosting provider, install WordPress, and select a theme and plugins to customize your website. You can also hire a WordPress development service to help you with this process. There are many resources available online that can help you get started with WordPress.

There are many online resources available for learning about WordPress, including tutorials, forums, and documentation. You can also join local WordPress meetups or attend WordCamps to connect with other WordPress users and developers. These resources can help you learn more about WordPress and its features, and help you build a successful website using this powerful CMS platform.

By working with Sydney WordPress developers you will be working with someone who knows the market, knows your audience and knows what works for other businesses in your industry.

When you choose to work with Sydney WordPress developers you also avoid the risks that come with outsourcing your website development as well as helping support the local economy.

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