Are you a WordPress website or WooCommerce online store owner or a business looking to harness the full potential of your website? Want to take full control of your website and keep it fresh, updated and secure? Look no further. At WP Focus, we specialise in providing comprehensive and tailored WordPress training solutions to empower website owners and businesses like yours.

With our expert guidance and practical training methods, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively manage, update, secure, monitor, optimise, and enhance your website’s performance. Our Sydney WordPress developers manage and maintain WordPress and WooCommerce websites for clients of all sizes and can teach you and your team how to manage your own website. No technical knowledge needed!

Benefits of WordPress Training

Low Cost Web Development Sydney

Save Money

No need to pay anyone else to manage or edit your website. With our WordPress training you will be able to edit and update your website yourself.

And by learning how to keep your WordPress website updated and secure, you will also avoid the larger expense of fixing a broken or hacked WordPress website.

Our comprehensive WordPress training will teach you or your team everything there is to know about your website and you will quickly learn just how easy it can be to manage it yourself.

Content Creation

Website Editing

With our WordPress training, you’ll gain a deep understanding of the WordPress dashboard and its various components.

You’ll learn how to efficiently navigate through the interface, manage user roles, create and edit pages or blog posts, organise content, and utilise plugins and widgets effectively.

By mastering these skills, you’ll take full control of your website’s management, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Updates and Patching

Website Updates

WordPress is constantly evolving, with regular updates and new features being introduced.

Through our training program, you’ll learn how to stay up to date with the latest WordPress versions and how to perform timely updates without compromising the functionality or security of your website.

By staying current, you’ll unlock the full potential of WordPress and its ever-expanding ecosystem.

Website Security Monitoring

Website Security

Website security is of paramount importance in today’s digital landscape.

Our WordPress training focuses on equipping you with the necessary knowledge and tools to secure your website effectively.

From implementing strong passwords and user authentication to installing security plugins and performing regular backups, you’ll gain the skills to protect your website from malicious threats and ensure the safety of your valuable data.

On Page Optimisation

Higher Rankings

When you learn how to edit and add to your WordPress, you will also be learning how to optimise your website for Google.

Our WordPress training will teach you and your team how to add the titles and descriptions that search engines will display as well as how to construct your content to make it easily readable by Google and your site visitors.

Through learning how to optimise your own WordPress website, your website will quickly see a boost in search engine traffic.

Website Launch

Faster Website

A slow and sluggish website can deter visitors and harm your online reputation. Our training program delves into the optimisation techniques required to enhance your website’s speed, performance, and overall user experience.

You’ll learn how to optimise your images to make them fast loading and lightweight as well as how to convert these images for the web.

You’ll also learn about your WordPress site’s cache and how to keep it performing at its peak to ensure your website loads quickly.

How our WordPress Training works

With over 18 years experience developing WordPress websites for clients across Sydney, NSW and Australia, our WordPress developers have created countless WordPress training programs for companies of all sizes. No two websites are the same so no two training programs will be the same and your website training plan will tailored specifically for your website.

Our WordPress Training consists of:

Case Studies

Getting to know your website

The first thing we do is get to know what you’d like to achieve through website training and what areas of the website you wish to target.

We then get to know your WordPress or WooCommerce website. We check plugins and themes as well as how the website is currently working which will allow us to custom build the perfect WordPress training for your business.

Media Uploads

Training videos and manuals

The next step in our WordPress training program is to record tutorial videos and presentations specifically for your website and its particular needs.

These resources are tailored to your specific website needs, ensuring that you receive targeted guidance.

The training videos and manuals will also ensure that you and your team have something to refer to whenever you need to refresh your knowledge.


Web Design Consultation

Face to face or Zoom training

Our face to face training sessions offer a hands-on learning experience in a comfortable and conducive environment.

Led by our expert WordPress developers, these sessions cover a wide range of WordPress topics and allow for interactive discussions and personalised attention.

For those unable to attend in-person training, we offer convenient Zoom training sessions. These virtual sessions bring the same level of interactivity and engagement as our face to face training.

Website Support and Maintenance

Post training support

Our WordPress training also comes with full post training support. Have a question or make a mistake? We’ll be standing by to help.

We are always available to answer any website management questions you might have or to help you fix a problem if something goes wrong.

We are only a phone call or email away and will respond to your problem quickly.

Our WordPress training programs are designed to be flexible, accommodating your schedule and learning pace. The duration can vary based on your specific requirements and goals. Contact our WordPress development team to discuss your training needs and get an estimate of the program duration.

Absolutely! Our WordPress training is designed to cater to individuals with varying levels of technical expertise. Whether you’re a beginner or have no prior experience with WordPress, our trainers will guide you step by step, ensuring that you grasp the concepts and develop the necessary skills.

Yes, we believe in providing continuous support to our trainees. The training materials, including videos and manuals, will be accessible even after the completion of the training program. You can refer back to them whenever you need a refresher or encounter new challenges.

Absolutely! Our training programs are designed to cater to businesses of all sizes. We understand the unique challenges faced by small businesses, and our trainers will provide practical guidance tailored to your specific needs, ensuring that you can effectively manage and enhance your WordPress website.

Yes, we offer ongoing support to all our trainees. Our team is available to answer any questions or provide assistance even after you’ve completed the training. We are committed to your success and are here to support you on your WordPress journey.

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