When it comes to websites, speed matters. A slow-loading website can drive away potential visitors, damage your SEO rankings and negatively impact your online business. However, there’s a solution at hand – our Sydney based team of WordPress developers can help your website load quickly and perform better on all devices. With our expertise, we can optimise the loading times of your WordPress websites, ensuring a smooth and lightning-fast browsing experience for your users.

WordPress Speed Optimisation

WP Focus specialises in providing top-notch WordPress Speed optimisation services that cater to the specific needs of businesses and website owners. With a deep understanding of the WordPress platform, our expert team is equipped with the knowledge and tools to optimise your website’s loading times. Our service focuses on streamlining your website’s performance across all devices, ensuring a smooth and lightning-fast browsing experience for your users.

How we can optimise your WordPress website’s speed

Website Maintenance

Website Audit

Before we start optimising your WordPress website for speed we need to learn how your website is built.

We conduct a comprehensive audit of your website to identify performance issues, including slow-loading elements, bloated code, and inefficient plugins.

We also take a look at your hosting environment and run speed tests on your WordPress website which will give us a clearer understanding of how your website is performing and why it is so slow.

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Image and Media Optimisation

Large images, videos and audio files can be a key factor in why a WordPress website can be slow to load. Every image you upload to your website adds to the overall size of your website and some images – especially stock photography – can be large enough to cause significant speed issues on any website.

Our WordPress speed optimisation service will optimise and compress images, videos, and other media files to reduce their file sizes without compromising quality. This ensures faster loading times without sacrificing visual appeal. We will also convert and serve images and videos in next generation formats that modern browsers love.

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Caching Implementation

A cache is high-speed data storage which can deliver your WordPress website’s code, files, images and videos to the browser quickly and efficiently. New visitors and returning visitors will be viewing the cached version of your website which means your WordPress website will load quickly no matter what device it is loaded on.

Our WordPress speed optimisation service leverages advanced caching techniques to store frequently accessed website data. By doing so, we enable faster retrieval and reduce server load, leading to improved loading times.

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Code Optimisation

Poorly coded WordPress themes and plugins can slow down your website and lead to lost rankings and lost visitors

Our Sydney based WordPress speed optimisation experts will study your website’s code and remove unnecessary characters, reduce file sizes, and streamline the structure to ensure efficient performance and improved loading times.

Through optimising your site code we are able to shave seconds off your page load times and serve your WordPress website or WooCommerce store quicker than ever before.

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Plugin and Theme Review

Our WordPress speed optimisation team will analyse the impact that your website’s plugins and themes are having on your website.

Any resource-heavy plugins or themes that may slow down performance will be identified and alternatives sourced where possible.

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CDN Integration

A Content Delivery Network is a a network of servers that distributes your WordPress website’s files from a network of servers throughout the world.

By utilising a CDN, your website’s visitors will be served your website files from a server located closest to their location which minimises the time it takes to connect to your website and enhances the speed of your website

Our WordPress speed optimisation team will integrate a CDN with your website and drastically increase your page load times.

Why Choose WP Focus?

WordPress Speed Optimisation

Our Sydney based team of WordPress speed optimisation experts has helped hundreds of clients across Sydney, NSW and Australia achieve faster load times for their WordPress and WooCommerce websites. When you partner with WP Focus to speed up your website you can expect:

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Experience and Expertise

We have been developing fast loading WordPress websites for over 18 years and understand WordPress inside and out.

This knowledge lets us quickly identify the problems that cause WordPress and WooCommerce websites to load slowly and allows us to safely optimise and speed up your website.

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Affordable Pricing

Optimising your WordPress website for speed can be cheaper than you might think.

The root cause of WordPress speed issues can often be quite simple to identify and fix. When we analyse your website we will be able to tell you exactly what is going wrong and how long it will take to fix and we guarantee that the quote you receive will leave you happy.

Quick Turnaround

Quick Turnaround

Our WordPress speed optimisation team will work quickly to identify and resolve your WordPress website’s speed problems.

When you contact us with a WordPress speed problem we will immediately get to work fixing your website. After we identify the issue, your WordPress website’s load times can often be improved within hours.

Website Support and Maintenance

Ongoing Support

We stand by our work and after your newly optimised website is ready, we will continue to monitor your site for 3 months to ensure the speed optimisations remain effective.

We will also teach you and your team how to avoid making any of the mistakes that can cause a website to slow down.


Website speed is a crucial factor in search engine rankings. Faster-loading websites often receive a ranking boost, leading to better visibility in search results.

Absolutely! WP Focus specialises in optimising website speed across all devices, including mobile platforms. Our experts ensure your WordPress website performs exceptionally well on smartphones and tablets.

The loading time improvement can vary based on several factors such as the website’s initial speed, size, and complexity. However, our clients typically experience significant improvements ranging from 40% to 80% after availing our services.

Yes, it does. Studies have shown that faster websites tend to have higher conversion rates. A slow-loading website can deter potential customers and lead to missed business opportunities.

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a network of servers distributed geographically across various locations. CDNs are designed to deliver web content, including images, CSS files, JavaScript files, and other static resources, to users based on their geographical proximity to the nearest server. By leveraging a CDN, websites can reduce latency and improve loading times, ensuring a faster and more efficient delivery of content to users.

A CDN improves website speed by reducing the distance between the user and the server delivering the content. When a user accesses a website, the CDN automatically directs the request to the server closest to the user’s geographical location. This minimizes the time taken to retrieve and deliver the requested content, resulting in faster loading times and a better user experience.

Caching involves temporarily storing data, such as web pages, images, and scripts, on the user’s device or an intermediate server. When a user visits a website, the cached data is retrieved instead of fetching it from the origin server. This significantly reduces the time required to load the page, as the data is readily available. Caching improves website speed by eliminating the need to fetch data repeatedly, resulting in faster and more efficient content delivery.

Absolutely! As part of our comprehensive WordPress Speed service, we integrate caching mechanisms and Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) to optimise your website’s performance. We configure caching plugins and set up CDN integration to ensure that your website’s content is delivered quickly and efficiently to users, regardless of their geographical location.

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