We work with a wide range of website technologies but specialise in:

  • WordPress development
  • Shopify template development
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • PHP

We can and do work with graphic designers regularly but if you want to keep your costs down we can design a website from the ground up for you.

Yes – we can help you start selling online with WooCommerce and help you with everything from setting up payment gateways such as PayPal or Stripe, to integrating your eCommerce website with Instagram and Facebook to help you start selling your products there too. We also offer Google shopping integration as well as Shopify templates. Already have an eCommerce website and struggling to make sales? Talk to us today to learn how we can help you optimise your eCommerce website and get the sales and repeat business your business needs.

Absolutely! We can design a memorable logo for your business and can provide a complete branding kit including signange, letterheads, business cards etc so you are completely covered for all your branding needs.

The short answer is it depends but we do work quickly and efficiently. Your urgency is our urgency and the better prepared you are, the quicker you will have your website online. What do we mean by prepared? By prepared we mean having your content ready and a good idea of the images and text you want to use on your website.

No website is ever 100% hack proof but there’s a number of reasons why your website may have been hacked or defaced. First thing to state is that your website was most likely not targeted deliberately by a competitor or rival. Hackers have bots that roam the internet looking for vulnerabilities. These can include:

  • Old or outdated themes, templates or plugins
  • Weak and easy to guess login details (for example, if your login username is admin you’ve done half the hacker’s work for them)
  • Older versions of server technology
  • Cheap and outdated hosting

We can help you get your website back on track and help you do everything possible to keep the website safe.

WooCommerce is the leading eCommerce solution for WordPress websites while Shopify is much easier to get up and running. Both have an abundance of features and add-ons available to enhance your eCommerce website – for example, rewards systems for customers, follow up emails etc. The main difference between both is in the cost. WooCommerce can cost more to setup however Shopify can charge monthly fees for some of the most basic eCommerce features – fees which can quickly accumulate as the store grows.

The cost of a WordPress website can depend on the complexity needed. Some companies are happy to purchase a prebuilt theme from a website like Themeforest and add their own content whereas others will want a custom built WordPress website. If you are unsure of what is right for your business, contact us  and let us know your requirements and budget and we can help you choose the best solution for your business.

Yes – with prices starting from as little as $50 per week we can manage every aspect of your website on your behalf including keeping your website theme and plugins up to date and secure. We also provide 24/7 security monitoring and emergency repair should anything ever go wrong with your WordPress website.

Absolutely. If you’ve been left down by your current developer or if you have a website project that needs to be completed quickly we can help you get to where you need to be without sacrificing on quality. We regularly receive requests to either build or complete a project within 48 hours and we always deliver.

Yes we can. Websites can be slow loading for a number of reasons and we will be able to identify the cause and help your website load faster than ever before.

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