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We can’t tell you how many times we’ve been let down by freelancers over the years. Take for example the freelancer who cost us a €19,000 contract after promising to deliver a key component of the project within 20 days only to tell us after 10 days that they would be off for the next week because of a planned holiday. With the majority of freelancers we ended up just stressing over deadlines, chasing them for updates or requesting reworks for some very basic and obvious errors and time spent doing this was less time we had for our own development, internet marketing and business development.

Chances are that if you are reading this then you have experienced the same frustrations as we have.

At WP Focus we pride ourselves on being the exact opposite to all of those freelancers that have left you down in the past.

With over 13 years experience running our own web development and internet marketing businesses we have the knowledge, experience and expertise to take ownership of the projects you entrust us with and deliver them when we say we will at a price that benefits both of us.

When you engage WP Focus for your next project you will receive:

Our Agency Discount

We believe that in order for both your company and ours to benefit from our partnership we need to adjust our regular pricing so that outsourcing the work becomes economically viable for you.

A Dedicated Point Of Contact

Many of the agencies we partner with ask us to liaise with the end client directly and we are just as happy to do this as a representative of your company as we are liaising with your project’s account manager. Either way we are always an email, text or phone call away and always ready to respond.

An Honest Appraisal Of The Project & When It Will Be Delivered

When we study your client’s project specifications we will provide you with an accurate timeline of the work including a fixed project start time and a fixed date of completion that we ALWAYS meet.

End To End Project Management

We can take care of everything from domain and hosting setup to training the client on how to manage and update their website and understand how to interpret their Google Analytics account. We treat and serve your clients like they were our own and can take as much or as little of the project off your hands as you see fit.

Any Potential Upsell Opportunities

From time to time we spot an opportunity in a project spec to enhance the client’s website with an extra feature or service (e.g. identifying a weakness in the client’s SEO or a missed opportunity to capture leads). Any such opportunities will be conveyed to your company should you wish to upsell the end client.

The Ability To Sell Our FREE Onsite SEO Services As You See Fit

All of the websites we deliver come with a FREE comprehensive onsite SEO package worth $1000. When we produce a website on behalf of your business you will have the opportunity to either provide this to your clients as a benefit of working with your agency or to simply sell this service however you see fit.


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